Lab Testing

The Future of Healthcare is NOW!

Have you been searching for answers to why you feel lousy, only to be told all your lab tests are normal? Are you looking for why you can’t lose weight despite a strict diet and exercise? How many times have you heard about a friend or family member that just went  in for their annual checkup, received a “clean bill of health”, only to be diagnosed with a deadly disease soon after? There must be clues that would lead to answers in each of these cases.


The Answer: Individualized Testing

The current state of today’s conventional testing and analysis leave more questions than answers. Patients come in to our health care offices everyday providing copies of their most recent testing. These baseline studies only tell part of the story. They don’t dig deep enough to get to the real cause of your current health issues or to show which diseases may soon be on the horizon.

In order to get healthy and stay healthy individual diagnostic testing and analysis is the answer.

Our baseline testing looks at 3x’s the number of diagnostic markers typically run on an annual blood panel. We want to reveal current health problems but also reveal future health risks. We also provide a wide range of sophisticated testing such as food reactivity panels and hormone profiles which allow us to customize your health plan.


Experience the Difference of Customized Healthcare

We are all humans but we are all truly unique. The right health plan for one patient is not necessarily going to work for the next patient. A customized approach to healthcare  provides answers and more importantly it gets results. You can improve your health and take control with individual testing and customized care. Take action now before it’s too late.


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